Benefits Of Sitting On An Exercise Ball

On an exercise ball you are less stable than on an ordinary chair. Because of the constant throat, you use your back and ab dominal muscles. In addition, you can not sag.

That seatballs would strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, has so far been insufficiently demonstrated by scientific research. In a study with schoolchildren who had such a ball for one year, one can hardly determine a difference. It does not matter that an exercise ball forces you to sit upright, which is still better than hanging on a chair.

Occasionally pumping

Suppose your ball rolls against a sharp object, then he really can not jump like a balloon. The rubber is thick enough so that the ball goes off slowly when a hole is inserted. By the way, an exercise ball is relaxed with time. To maintain the right tension, you need to pump down occasionally.

An exercise ball is just a good addition to an office chair because you can only use the ball for a limited time. A whole day is too tiring and you lose comfort. A couple of hours in a piece usually runs smoothly. If you have a sitting occupation, you have to be able to alternate with an ordinary chair. Additionally, it's higher sitting on a exercise ball, so your desk is also better. If not, you tend to bend over from the ball, compared to the chair.

Different sizes

Exercise balls are available in different sizes. Choose depending on your length. Your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees, otherwise the ball will be too small. The angle between your body and upper legs must therefore be greater than 90 degrees. Do not buy a copy of braces that hold the ball in place: of course you do not move and you can buy a seat as well. There are also exercise balls with a seat ring or a small backrest. Those are for the same reason to avoid.