Mountain Climbers Exercise Benefits

The mountain climber is not a beloved fitness exercise. Many people try to avoid this. Sin because the exercise is incredibly effective. You train several muscle groups and in addition it is a good cardio exercise. How do you perform a good mountain climber?

What is the mountain climber?

The mountain climber is a fitness exercise that trains the whole body. At the same time, you also increase your heartbeat. You work on your overall strength and balance with the mountain climbers. The exercise can be done anywhere, for example from your own home. A fitness mat is recommended, as you will then slip away less quickly during the exercise.

Mountain climbers exercise benefits

After 20 to 30 seconds of mountain climber you'll feel the effects of this highly beneficial exercise.
  • Efficiency - If you value efficient moves in your strength-training workouts, mountain climbers are a perfect fit.
  • Mobility - Because mountain climbers are dynamic, meaning they involve constant, smooth, and repetitive movement. They're great for increasing joint flexibility.
  • Cardiovascular Health - The mountain-climber exercise is known for building lower-body strength, but the constant switching of the legs also gets your heart rate up.
  • Coordination and Agility - Mountain climbers require coordination, quick feet and an acute sense of timing. Thus, they're great for testing and improving agility.
How do you do mountain climbers?

Go in a push-up position, with your arms at the height of your chest. Put your hands well apart. Now jump forward with one leg, as close as possible to your chest. Then you jump back with the leg as you move forward with the other leg. When you do this at high pace, you always have one leg at your chest and one in the starting position.

Make the exercise easier

The mountain climber is not an easy exercise and it is quite possible that you take a lot of effort to keep him well and perform. Instead of jumping you can also take steps. If you feel dizzy, get up at the same time. Also, be sure to drink enough water during this exercise.

Mountain climbers make it harder

You can also make the mountain climber more difficult and challenging when you need it. You can increase the pace and go faster. Alternatively you can put your hands on an increase. This makes the exercise a bit heavier. Extra work on your balance? Put your hands on a fitness ball.