Nauseous After Exercise

How do you actually get sick? In most cases, this has one of the following three causes: blood supply , stomach or equilibrium . "When you start effort, blood flows away from the gastrointestinal tract towards the working muscles," said Stephen Simons, doctor of medical sports science. "When blood is withdrawn from the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach, metabolism is delayed enormously. This can cause discomfort " . This can be aggravated when it is very hot whether you train on very high intensity. A second cause has a more mechanical basis. If your stomach content suddenly clicks smoothly, this can cause nausea or even vomiting. Fully understandable when jumping or jumping, or moving very dynamically.

What can you do with nausea during exercise?
If it's so far, then you want to do something about this nasty feeling as soon as possible. To be honest, there is only one remedy best for nausea: rest . Give your body some time to recover. You may have too much lactic acid in your body, according to this video:

What else you can try or what steps you can take to prevent this next time are:
  • Drink water as a remedy : Some people do not experience this as a nice summer. Therefore, please try a sip yourself. Realize that you may experience nausea due to excessive stabbing in the stomach. In that case, adding more fluid can not be the best solution.
  • Drinking water as a precaution: Keep enough moisture in your body well before starting the training. In this article about muscle cramps during exercise , you will learn how much to drink before, during and after training
  • Eat for your training : How can you experience nausea during exercise? A size of the meal is important. Eat a big meal at least three hours before the training. For a small meal, eat these 2-3 hours before the training. If you want to eat a smaller snack , this is best about an hour before training. An additional snack (banana, barrel, etc) just before the training will have little effect on your energy level during the training, but can make sure your blood sugar levels do not drop too much
  • Eat the right thing : For the training you may want to eat a meal that contains a lot of carbohydrates and low fat and protein. Fats and proteins are "heavy on the stomach" and can cause nausea and vomiting during exercise
  • Cooling down : Ensure adequate cooling down. It is important that your heart rate and blood pressure return slowly to a normal level
  • Reduce intensity: You may want to do too much too fast. I'm not saying you can never train at your maximum, but build on it in a good way
  • Ontstress : Are you too stressed? Then try taking the time to learn yourself more relaxt and relaxed to start your workout. Do breathing exercises or relaxation exercises. Maybe even mindfulness is something for you?
  • Take a look : if nausea due to a disturbed equilibrium feeling is your biggest problem area, you can try this easy trick. Fix your look at a fixed point. Stand to the horizon or stay at a fixed point on the wall / look at the ceiling. Because your head needs to be linked to motion in your body, your stomach content may be in the right place.
Of course, this is always a trial and error case . You can not easily know the boundary until you meet him. This way, you will never be sure which remedy works best for you until you apply it. I would like to emphasize again that when you are sick often I will always be able to call or visit the general practitioner . Good luck! Try the next time you see someone else coming to that trash run not to laugh, but to offer some help. You might also like that, right?