Medial Meniscus Tear Exercises

A meniscus rupture is a common knee joint injury. How well heal the knee or surgery required depends largely on the type of tear, and how bad the tear. Work with your doctor to a program rehabilitation (rehab) that helps so much strength and flexibility in your knee as possible to plan again. Your rehab program will probably include physical therapy and home exercises.

Exercises that may be prescribed for rehabilitation are listed below. Work with your doctor and physiotherapist to design a program that best fits your goals.
  • A coordinated program of physical therapy and home exercises healing can progress in your knee and help you return to the desired activities.
  • Building strength and flexibility in your knees and legs can help prevent future degeneration in your knee.

How do I exercise to cure my meniscus?

For most tears, some simple exercises can help maintain muscle strength in the front of the upper leg (quadriceps), back of the upper leg (hamstrings), calf, and hip. All these areas are important for your overall leg function while healing your knee after injury or after surgery. Exercises may only be done on the advice of your doctor and only if you are very little or no pain while you are at home.