Pilates Core Exercises While Pregnant

Pilates offers a wide range of core exercises, but many of them are done on your back and stomach, which is not recommended for women while pregnant after your first trimester. However, there are some great exercises that you can do lying on your side or upright, which strengthens the core muscles of your abdominal muscles, hips, back and buttocks. There are prenatal Pilates classes at some studios and gyms you can try, or do these exercises at home three days a week. Ask your doctor for specific guidelines or the necessary changes.

Side Lying Leg Lifts and Front Kicks
A simple exercise Pilates is on your side and work your leg around your outer thighs. By combining this exercise with a front kick, you can also work your abdominal muscles and muscle muscles as stabilizers and put more emphasis on your hips and thighs. Lie on your right and relax your head on your right arm. Make sure your left shoulder, hip and ankle are stacked directly at the top of your right. Your left leg in the sky is as high as comfortable and that you can lift without rolling backwards. Lower your leg to hip height and then raise your leg as high as your stomach. Bring your left leg over your right to complete the repetition. Keep your leg straight in this exercise. Do five to 10 repetitions and do the same on the other side.

The Saw
The sowing exercise reinforces your oblique muscles and stretches your back and shoulders. Sit upright on the ground with your legs straight for you. Activate your leg muscles and retreat your toes. Put your arms straight along your body at shoulder height. Squeeze your abdominal muscles. Turn your shoulders to the left and reach your left foot right. Hold your hips and "sitbots" firmly on the floor. Lean backwards upright forward. Turn and reach to the right foot. So three to 10 repetitions per side.

Open-Drop Rocker
The open-leg rocker exercise is an excellent enhancer for your abdominal muscles and your entire core. It may not be so comfortable to do in your third trimester, but it is one of the best core exercises Pilates has to offer. Ask your doctor if it is suitable for you. Sit upright on the floor and squeeze your abdominal muscles. Bend your knees and raise your feet a few inches from the floor. Grab your ankles as you can and stretch your legs in the sky at a 45 degree angle. Your legs should be about 2 feet apart but not wider than shoulder width. If tight hamstrings prevent you stretching your legs, bend your knees and grab your calves. Roll slowly back to your shoulders, but not on your neck. Roll back-up and balance on your "seats" in the same position before rolling back.